Principal Investigator
Hassan Masoud
Assistant Professor of
Mechanical Engineering
University of Nevada, Reno
Recent News
January 2017: Vahid and Saeed's paper entitled "Reverse Marangoni surfing" is published in Journal of Fluid Mechanics. You guys rock!
December 2016: Saeed and Vahid's paper entitled "Alternative mechanism for coffee-ring deposition based on active role of free surface" is published in Physical Review E. Their work is also featured in Materials Today, Nevada Today, Science Daily, and Membrane Quarterly. Congratulations guys!

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We are a multi-disciplinary lab interested in fluid mechanics, transport phenomena, and hydrodynamics of soft ‎and active matter. In particular, we exploit the tools of applied mathematics ‎(e.g. reduced-order models and numerical techniques)‎ and simple experiments to solve impactful problems where the mutual coupling of moving or deformable ‎objects and their surrounding fluid plays an important role in the dynamics of the system. These ‎problems often involve ‎coupled physical phenomena taking place at a wide range of length and time scales and are of paramount importance in many engineering, biological, and biomedical contexts. Our lab is equipped with high-end parallel computing facilities and we always seek talented and motivated minds to join our team. We also very much enjoy collaborating with other experimental and theoretical groups.‎ For more information, please visit our research and publications pages.