July 2017: CFAM Lab finds a new home in the Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics at Michigan Tech. Go Huskies!

June 2017: Check out this cool video clip about the Marangoni effect produced by Kristen Shutt, who was a senior undergraduate student in our Lab. Good luck with life after graduation, Kristen!

April 2017: Congratulations to Saeed on receiving UNR's Outstanding International Graduate Student Scholarship.

January 2017: Our work on the coffee-ring effect is highlighted in Materials Today and Membrane Quarterly.

January 2017: Vahid and Saeed's paper entitled "Reverse Marangoni surfing" is published in Journal of Fluid Mechanics. You guys rock!

December 2016: Saeed and Vahid's paper entitled "Alternative mechanism for coffee-ring deposition based on active role of free surface" is published in Physical Review E. Their work is also featured in Nevada Today, Phys.org, Science Daily, and Nanowerk. Congratulations, guys!

September 2016: Saeed receives a Travel Award from the American Physical Society Division of Fluid Dynamics. Congratulations, Saeed!

August 2016: Hassan's paper, with Orest Shardt and Howard Stone, entitled "Oscillatory Marangoni flows with inertia" is published in Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

August 2016: Esmaeil (Iman) Dehdashti joins our group as a Ph.D. student. Welcome, Iman!

June 2016: Vahid and Saeed's paper entitled "Reciprocal theorem for convective heat and mass transfer from a particle in Stokes and potential flows" is published in Physical Review Fluids as a Rapid Communications. Congratulations to both and thanks for your hard work!

June 2016: Hassan joins Ali Khademhosseini's Lab at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology as a visiting scientist for the summer 2016.

May 2016: Saeed receives UNR's International Graduate Student Scholarship. Congratulations, Saeed!

April 2016: Hassan receives a Travel Fellowship from the U.S. National Committee for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics to attend the 24th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics to be held in Montréal in August 2016.

April 2016: Vahid receives UNR's Postdoctoral Award for Professional Development. Congratulations, Vahid!

April 2016: Hassan gives a presentation on the research activities of the CFAM Lab at the Meet Future Collaborators - Lightning Talks at UNR (fast forward to t = 25m10s).

February 2016: Hassan's paper with Howard Stone and their German collaborators, Aaron Dörr and Steffen Hardt from Technische Universität Darmstadt, entitled "Drag and diffusion coefficients of a spherical particle attached to a fluid–fluid interface" is published in Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

January 2016: Hassan joins the editorial board of the European Journal of Computational Mechanics.

December 2015: Hassan is interviewed by Meg Rosenburg of the Physics Central podcast (an outreach branch of the American Physics Society) in an episode on Fluids and Flocks.

December 2015: We are hiring two Ph.D. students. If you are interested, please email your CV along with a short description of your research interests and background to Dr. Masoud.

October 2015: Hassan's paper, with Mike Shelley, Leif Ristroph, and others, entitled "Hydrodynamic schooling of flapping swimmers" is published in Nature Communications.

September 2015: Hassan's paper, with Howard Stone, entitled "Mobility of membrane-trapped particles" is published in Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

August 2015: Dr. Vahid Vandadi joins our group as a post-doctoral fellow. Welcome, Dr. Vandadi!

August 2015: Saeed Jafari Kang joins our group as a Ph.D. student. Welcome, Saeed!

July 2015: The Complex Fluids and Active Matter (CFAM) Lab is founded at UNR.